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龙的传人 (lóng de chuán rén )

Scroll of children from a variety of China's national minority groups and Han Chinese riding a dragon over a landscape that features the Great Wall of China.Price: 0.23 YuanSerial number: 8353.2.111 (2) 八三五三。二。一一一 (二)Edition: 一九八五年六月第一版一九八五年...

Xu Zhong / 徐中

碧海利剑 (bì hǎi lì jiàn )

Seaplanes on shore, one being loaded with rocket, with the other taxies into sea.Price: 0.13 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.435 (2)Edition: 1980年8月第1版 1980年8月第1次印刷,

Si Ma Lianyi; Yang Debiao / 司马连义; 杨德彪 作


A landscape painting in guohua (traditional ink painting) style, depicting waterfalls at Lushan.Price: 0.18 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.515 (2)Edition: 1980年12月第1版1980年12月第1次印刷

Song Wenzhi / 宋文治

盗仙草 (dào xiān cǎo )

Depicts the scene from the Chinese legend 'Story of the white snake' (白蛇传) in which Bai Suzhen (the human form of the white snake) travels to Mount Emei where they steal a magical herb that will restore her husband, Xu Xian, to life.Pric...

Wang Xiqi / 王锡麒

康藏公路 (kāng cáng gōng lù )

Modern rendering of traditional Chinese landscape: mountains and waterfalls, but also a road carrying trucks and buses that cut through the gorge.Price: 0.12 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.466 (3)Edition: 1980年12月第1版1980年12月第1次印刷

Hua Tuo / 华拓

山水图轴 (shān shuǐ tú zhóu )

Modern rendering of traditional landscape: trees, mountains, rivers, clouds, and small settlement. Possibly Guilin.Price: 0.12 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.460 (3)Edition: 1980年12月第1版1980年12月第1次印刷

Liu Haisu / 刘海粟

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