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100% again!

Two children doing homework in smart living room. Young boy holds up test results, in which he received 100%.Price: 0.14 YuanSerial number: 8081.11858Edition: 1980年2月第1版 1980年2月第1印刷, 000,001-800,000

Chen Hongren / 陈宏仁

All kinds of birds and sounds, a glorious future

Numerous types of birds fly  behind a large phoenix. In the background, a red sun and a green landscape. Beneath the slogan it says 'Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the People's Republic of China' (庆祝中华人民共和国成立三十周年).Price: 0.28 Y...

Zhou Ruizhuang / 周瑞庄

Be honest

Two scenes. In the top image, a small boy alerts a woman to something go on outside of the image. In the bottom, a young boy shamefully admits to picking on a girl sitting in a chair, while the girl cries to an adult.Price: 0.16 YuanSerial number:...

Ha Qiong / 哈琼

Beware of Electric Shocks

A stylized poster of a hand coming into contact with a light bulb, out of which comes lightening bolts. The slogan at the top reads ’Improve electricity safety, protect lives and production' (搞好安全用电, 保障生命和生产的安全)Price: 0.16 YuanSerial number: ...

Qian Daxin / 钱大昕

Beware of electric shock

Red hand against light bulb, shooting out stylised sparks of electricity. Electricity pylon in background. Subtitle says ‘Improve the safety of electricty, safeguard life and production (搞好安全用电, 保障生命和生产的安全)Price: 0.16 YuanSerial number: 8081.12423...

Qian Daxin / 钱大昕

Books are the window into knowledge

Stylised image of girl looking through bookshelf as if it were a window. Books line the sides of the image. Text at top of poster reads 'Young friends, dearly love books' (青年朋友们,热爱书籍吧)Price: 0.16 YuanSerial number: 8081.1395Edition: 1984...

Zhang Anpu / 张安朴

Carry forward and forge ahead to invigorate China

The slogan appears like a block, being lifted by a crane. A huge Chinese flag covers most of the background; also with images of construction: cranes, towers etc.Price: 0.16 YuanSerial number: 8081.1275Edition: 1981年9月第1版 1982年1月第2次印刷 10,001-23,000

Jin Jifa / 金纪发

Chairman Mao meets model labourers

Mao sitting in rattan chair with wearing grey suit, with three peasant labourers wearing their medals for model behaviour. Cups of tea in background and flowers.Price: 0.15 YuanSerial number: 8085.2637Edition: 1964年7月第1版1964年10月第4次印刷,600,001-1,300...

Li Mubai; Jin Xuechen / 李慕白; 金雪尘

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