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Jiangsu Province New China Bookshop / 江苏省新华书店
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Diaochan worships the moon

Woman in garden burning incense sticks. Story from Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三国演义)Price: 0.16 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.469 (2)Edition: 1980年5月第1版1980年5月第1次印刷

Zhang Dejun / 张德俊

Peony spirit

Lady sprite holding feather fan flying between giant peonies.Price: 0.18 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.450 (2)Edition: 1980年8月第1版1980年8月第1次印刷

Li Xiaobai / 李小白

Twin pearl phoenix

Two traditionally dressed lovers in garden, holding fans. The man is also holding a butterfly.Price: 0.18 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.439 (2)Edition: 1980年7月第1版1980年7月第1次印刷

Ren Changlong; Huang Zuoru / 任昌龙; 黄作如

Autumn river

Old man paddling girl across magic pool, with lake in background, with pagoda on island and bridge. Story of scholar visitng convent and falling in love with nun.Price: 0.18 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.438 (2)Edition: 1980年8月第1版1980年8月第1次印刷

Gao Guoqiang / 高国强

Third Sister Liu

Girl holding embroidery. Fishing net and river in background. From local opera.Price: 0.18 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.451 (2)Edition: 1980年10月第1版1980年10月第1次印刷

Shao Hu / 绍虎

Xi Shi washes silk

Two girls washing by river, with mountain scenery and pagoda in background. Story of Wu Zixu and Xi Shi, from the Spring & Autumn period (春秋).Price: 0.18 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.448 (2)Edition: 1980年8月第1版1980年8月第1次印刷

Zhang Dejun / 张德俊

Marriage at the Red Mansion

Photo of man & two women in full opera costume, likely from Dream of the Red ChamberPrice: 0.18 YuanSerial number: 八一00。二。四四四 (二)Edition: 一九八0年八月第一次印刷

Wang Wenhua; Chen Shou; Jian She / 汪文华; 陈寿; 建摄

Bai Niangzi & Xu Xian

Man decorating woman's headdress, from opera story/myth. Story of white and green snakes taking female shape, one falls in love with mortal.Price: 0.18 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.443 (2)Edition: 1980年11月第1版1980年11月第1次印刷

Wang Wenhua; Chen Shou; Jian She; Wuhu Pear Spring theatrical troupe / 汪文华; 陈寿; 建摄; 芜湖梨簧戏剧团演出

Spring grass

Girl dressed in green. From new, very popular (in 1980), version of old opera storyPrice: 0.14 YuanSerial number: 8100.2.373 (2)Edition: 1980年1月第1版1980年1月第1次印刷

Hua Weigong / 华伟恭

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