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A swallow flies into the wind

Story in 16 illustrated parts (8 per poster) of activist heroine in mountainside commune. Paired with A55. 5 copiesPrice: 0.28 YuanEdition: 1975年7月第一版第1次印刷 1-500,000

Zhang Huoming; Pei Kaixin; Chen Zongwu; Zhang Guang / 张豁明编文; 裴开新(社员); 陈宗武(社员)张广绘

To where the country needs us

A group of young people walk across an empty field, holding suitcases. Snowcapped mountains line the horizon.Serial number: 6697 ②Edition: 1955年12月第一版 1956年3月第一版第二次印刷 33,501-38,500 (上海)

Ge Weimo / 葛维墨

Oil Well

ink painting of peasants manning an oil well in the countryside. In background can see peasants in fields, and factory.

Ge Ji Wu / 葛继武

A village in the prosperous countryside

View of mechanised paddy fields, lake and industrial project in background, prosperous village in foreground, with groups of peasants sitting in circles, reading and in discussion.Price: 0.14 YuanSerial number: 8172.304Edition: 1977年11月第1版1977年11月...

Lin Ximing / 林曦明

Unite and struggle to hasten the establishment of Dazhai county

Two peasants shaking hands in front of huge dam. Crowds and flags in background. Accession number: AC 013Price: 0.14 YuanSerial number: 8027.6518Edition: 1976年12月第一版第1次印刷 1-50,000

Jin County Peasant Propaganda Painting Class Collective work; Yan Chengfu / 金县农民宣传画学习班集体创作 颜承富执笔 颜承富执笔

Celebrating a good harvest: the party line is the key; grasp the line and the details will be manifested. Make grain production the key and the (economy) will develop

Soldier and peasants holding Double Happiness flag; crowds in the background, with banners, instruments, horses and carts, trucks. Banners read: The Party line is the key; grasp the line and the details will be manifested. Make grain production th...

Han Xiang / 韩祥

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