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Tianjin People's Printing Factory / 天津人民印刷厂 With digital objects
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Women can hold up half the sky; surely the face of nature can be transformed

Woman chiselling stone block, other woman worker in background. They are working on the blocks for an acqueduct, under construction in background, lit up by bright lights. A banner on the scaffolding says 'In agriculture, learn from Dazhai�...

Liaoning Province Fu County Cultural Centre; Wang Dawei / 辽宁省复县文化馆供稿 王大为作

Long live the People's Republic of China

Two part poster, with seal of China in middle, surrounded by the image of a modern city with modern technology (rocket, bullet train, satellite dish, jets, ships etc)Price: 0.56 YuanSerial number: 8027.7133Edition: 1979年6月第一版第1次印刷 1-100,000

Gao Quan; Yang Keshan / 高泉; 杨克山

Victoriously seize control of the country

Civil War scene, Mao sitting in room with other leaders including Zhou Enlai and Zhu De. Mao of ongoing campaigns throughout China on wall in background. Subtitle says 'Chairman Mao and teachers together '(毛主席和老师们在一起)Price: 0.14 YuanSeri...

Yin Rongsheng / 尹戎生

Who will get there first?

Four children racing each other on 3 wheeler bikes, in the shape of plane, rocket, boat, tractor. Butterflies in the backgrounPrice: 0.11 YuanSerial number: 8027.7273Edition: 1980年6月第一版 第5印刷, 1,000,001-1,300,000

Cheng Lizhi / 成砺志

Today's Long March

A mountainous scene. A man in ethnic dress points out the route forward as people carrying surveying equipment follow behind. Reference to the Long March, the arduous journey undertaken by the early Red Army from Jiangxi province to Yan'an in...

Liu Zheng / 刘正

People's Volunteers Meet With Wang Guiying

A number of People's Volunteer soldiers who fought in Korea, pictured in a factory with Wang Guiying.Price: 1000 YuanSerial number: 5015Edition: 一九五二年十二月初版 , 1-100,000

Tian Zuoliang; Huabei New Years Picture Group / 田作良; 华北年画编委会

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