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Shanghai Zhonghua Printing Factory / 上海中华印刷厂
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Move mountains to create fields

A dam has been constructed to harness a river whose path has been cut through a mountain, clearing fields on the other side. The damn says 'In Agriculture, study Dazhai' (农业学大寨) in big font, and 'Transform China in the sprit on the ...

Xiao Xiancai / 肖先才

In agriculture “the eight-point charter” is good.

The Eight Point Charter was a Central Committee directive issued in 1958, which called for heightened attention to: soil, fertilizer, water, seeds, close-planting, protection, tool improvement, and field management. This poster has eight images, e...

Ren Meijun; Li Zuowan; Liu Yushan / 任美君; 李佐万; 刘玉山

The melody of youth: The spirit of excellence

Woman playing violin next to man holding copy of the book 'The motherland and I'. A rowing race is taking place in the background. The slogan is written both in Chinese characters and in pinyin.Price: 0.16 YuanSerial number: 八0八一。三五三六Edi...

Shen Shaolun / 沈绍伦

A pledge meeting

Worker rushing to put up a written pledge (决心书) at an oath-swearing rally. Banner in background reads ‘Grab revolution and promote production' (抓革命促生产).Price: 0.14 YuanSerial number: 8172.167Edition: 1975年3月第1版 1975年8月第2次印刷 51,001-96,000

Shanghai Steel No 1 Factory Workers Fine Arts Group / 上钢一厂工人美术组

Chairman Mao's works give out a golden light

Celebration of the publication of volume 5 of Mao's Selected Works. Workers on a platform with instruments, and two people singing. Large crowds look on. Background shows construction activity in mountain area, lit up with lights. Line of new...

Artist unknown

Spring comes to the grasslands

Tibetan children running on grassy field on edge of irrigation canal followed by man carrying bundle of long grass.Price: 0.14 YuanSerial number: 8118.127Edition: 1975年1月第1版1975年1月第一次印刷

Li Zhengkang; Jian Chongzhi / 李正康; 简崇志

Beware of Electric Shocks

A stylized poster of a hand coming into contact with a light bulb, out of which comes lightening bolts. The slogan at the top reads ’Improve electricity safety, protect lives and production' (搞好安全用电, 保障生命和生产的安全)Price: 0.16 YuanSerial number: ...

Qian Daxin / 钱大昕

Middle School Student Regulations

List of rules for secondary school students, including to ardently love the homeland and the people, and to support the Chinese Communist Party (热爱祖国,热爱人民,拥护中国共产党).Price: 0.09 yuanSerial number: 7150.图片.1451Edition: 1979年9月第1版1979年9月第2次印刷 30,001-3...

Artist unknown

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