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Alexander Fleming Hall

Use for: Alexander Fleming House

Halls of Residence (7) 62
Marylebone Hall 4
Soho Poly basement 25
Human Performance Laboratory
  • Set up In September 1986 by Dr Nick Walters, Physiology lecturer in the School of Paramedical Studies.
Old Gymnasium

Use for: Regent Gymnasium, Regent Street Gymnasium

Regent Street Cinema

Use for: Royal Polytechnic Institution Theatre, RPI Theatre, Great Hall, Marlborough Hall, Polytechnic Theatre, Polytechnic Hall, Polytechnic Cinema Theatre, Cameo News Theatre, Cameo-Polytechnic Cinema, Cameo-Poly, Classic Poly, Regent Theatre, Classic Poly Cinema, Old Cinema, Lecture Theatre 1, Lecture Theatre 2

4-12 Little Titchfield Street (1) 12
Fyvie Hall 0
309 Regent Street (4)

Use for: 307-311 Regent Street

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